• 5) sets of OSHA/ANSI approved bifocal safety lenses
    > 1.0 optical power
    > 1.5 optical power
    > 2.0 optical power
    > 2.5 optical power
    > 3.0 optical power
  • (5) sets of OSHA/ANSI approved bifocal safety lenses with UV sun protection (same optical power as above)
  • Set of (2) removable ultra-bright reading lights
  • (4) extra light batteries
  • Canvas carrying case
  • Neck lanyard / leash
  • Ultra-soft cleaning cloth
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DonMae Safety BiFocal Reading GlassesHave the need for safety bifocal reading glasses? Are you looking for the best safety bifocal reading glass package on the market? If so look no further! The DonMae safety bifocal reading glass package is the only reading glass package you will ever need.

This package is loaded with features that other safety glasses simply do not have. Let’s take a look below at what you will get when you buy the DonMae safety bifocal reading glass package.

  •  Not one (1) but 10 lenses! Yes, you read that right. This reading glass package comes with 10 lenses!
  • Five (5) Standard lenses
  • Five (5) UV-Sunglasses
  • Five optical power ranges from 1.0 to 3.0
  • OSHA/ANSI Approved
  • Clip on Adjustable LED lights to make reading in low light a breeze
  • Nylon Carrying Case
  • Cleaning Cloth

Safety BiFocal Reading Glasses – Why Safety Bifocals?


When you find yourself working on something, anything, that needs you to wear bifocals you understand how wearing them underneath safety goggles is a hassle. Let’s be honest, goggles are a pain and then having to wear them over bifocal lenses is even worse. Our safety bifocal reading glass package takes care of this problem.

Having to squint and more you head into awkward positions to get a clear look at what you are working on causes fatigue and strain you simply do not need. If you are working in a low light situation then holding a flashlight causes even more problems…this prevents you from using both hands! The DonMae safety bifocal reading glasses solves this problem!

 If you like reading in bed then a product like ours is going to make you really happpy. You know the hassles of reading in bed. The light is low. You have to adjust awkward lights or lamps that might interfere with your spouse or partner who is trying to sleep. The DonMae reading glass package addresses these issues!

Our bifocal reading glass package has everything you need to protect your eyes-and see with clarity while you work or read. This package comes with 10 interchangeable bifocal lenses, five standard and five sunglasses, that range in power from 1.0 to 3.0! There are two powerful, ultra-bright, adjustable and pivoting LED lights that give you just the right amount of light to do you work with ease.

And the glasses are OSHA / ANSI approved, and quite durable—it’s extremely difficult to break or scratch this product.

One of the unique features of this safety bifocal reading glass package is the interchangeable lenses! Changing from standard to UV (sunglasses) or changing optical powers is a breeze. This package handles any changes you need in optical power because we have included FIVE (5) powers of lenses in both the standard and sunglasses ranging in power from 1.0 to 3.0, so this package will handle any needs you have for increased power.

And finally, all of this comes in a zippered nylon carrying case, extra 100-hour batteries for the clip on pivoting LED lights, a soft cleaning cloth, a neck lanyard, a reading chart to help you determine the optical power you need, and a easy-to-follow instruction booklet.

And finally, there is FREE shipping for the U.S. and no handling charges! If you need safety bifocal reading glasses this really is the only package you will need.

Safety BiFocal Reading Glasses

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